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Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of 30 Minute Circle Time is clear and unwavering: to support children in their learning journey.

Our approach focuses on fostering students’ growth and well-being through engaging and valuable learning opportunities. We strive to cultivate a deep appreciation for learning, boost confidence in academic abilities, and foster the development of essential life skills. Through a comprehensive curriculum, we aim to create impactful experiences that nurture both the hearts and minds of our students.

At our core, we are committed to offering teachers and parents cutting-edge supplemental materials that are user-friendly and conveniently available in printable form.

We take pride in collaborating with educators and parents and being involved in their children’s educational journey, whether it occurs in the traditional classroom setting or at home through homeschooling. Our commitment extends to learning activities that take place at the kitchen table or during outdoor exploration. 30 Minute Circle Time is thankful for the opportunity to nurture the hearts and minds of children worldwide.

What are the benefits of 30 Minute Circle Time for Teachers and Parents?

We are privileged to provide assistance to both teachers in classrooms and parents at home by offering cost-effective resources that actively involve children in various learning skills and subjects. Our supplementary learning materials assist students in acquiring and reinforcing fundamental curriculum skills, including science, social studies, critical thinking, STEAM, STEM, social and emotional learning, handwriting, and art.

We ensure that our educational materials are aligned with the latest standards and best practices in the field, while also considering the interests and motivations of students. We take pride in our capability to design products that not only enhance fundamental and advanced skills but also foster a sense of curiosity about the subjects being taught.

30 Minute Circle Time offers a range of digital resources that assist educators and homeschooling parents in addressing the unique learning requirements and interests of their students or children. These resources encompass various subjects and are suitable for children in PreK to 6th grade. Furthermore, we design vibrant activity books, classroom teaching aids, and student workbooks to ensure children remain actively involved in their learning process.

We are Happy to be Part of the Learning Journey.

We take great pride in our role in supporting learning in classrooms, homeschools, and households across the globe.

Our goal is to offer trustworthy resources to teachers by creating age-appropriate materials that align with the lessons taught in their classrooms on a daily basis.

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